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At TAC Coatings, we specialise in high end custom Cerakote finishes on firearms. As fully certified Cerakote Applicators we can offer multiple options from complex custom patterns to simple single colours to give your firearm a unique durable finish.

Why Choose Cerakote

Current Lead Time – 10 Working Days

How do I get my firearm coated?

The process is straight forward as follows:

1. Decide on the finish required – If you need some inspiration please check out our Cerakote Gallery here or visit our Facebook page. Once you have decided on what you want please give the team a call (01981 458007) or email us at to receive a quote. Price guide is below.

2. Complete the Order Form – Click on the button below to download the order form. Once complete give the team a call to discuss how you will get the firearm to us. The options are:

  • Via your local RFD. They can ship to us by authorised means for a nominal fee.
  • Deliver by hand. Please arrange a time and date beforehand, and have your FAC/SGL available for us to take a copy of.
  • Arranged collection by us. We can facilitate a collection using Parcelforce secure using our existing contract for shipping firearms. Please note all returns must be via an RFD. We charge a fixed fee of £25 each way for this service. A copy of the order form and a copy of your FAC/SGL will be required to accompany the package. The package must conform to Parcelforce’s requirements which will advise on when you call.

3. Receipt of your Firearm – Once we have taken receipt of your firearm, if it has been shipped, we will in-inspect and confirm any additional requirements and if any changes are needed before commencing any work.

4. Completion of Work and Return Procedures – Once your project is complete we will contact you to arrange payment and return shipping details. We can only ship to an RFD. We require a copy of the destination RFD’s certificate which we will arrange once we have their details.


Below is a guide to aid your project planning. Each project will require an individual quote to capture your individual needs. Prices are inclusive of VAT but do not include shipping or insurance. Complex patterns such as 3 colour camo patterns and Battleworn have additional costs and will be quoted on request.

  • Cerakote™ Ceramic Firearm Coatings
  • Rifle Barrel and Action only
  • Rifle Barrel, Action and Bolt
  • Rifle Stock
  • Complete Shotgun –SA/PA (includes Stock/Forearm, Action and Barrel)
  • Shotgun Barrel (Side by Side, Over & Under)
  • Knives (Prices from)
  • Scope with mounts
  • Mounts only
  • Moderator
  • Complete Bolt Action Rifle (Includes Stock, Action, Barrel, Bolt, Bottom Metal)
  • Inc VAT
  • from £100
  • from £125
  • from £90
  • from £195
  • from £95
  • from £35
  • from £90
  • from £35
  • from £35
  • from £195

*All other parts and weapons quote available on request. Custom Colours and Camo Patterns available on request.

Note: All prices are for disassembled parts and weapons. Additional disassemble may incur a charge as will detailed masking of low tolerance surfaces. Prices are for a single colour.