Natural Resources Wales – TAC Coatings were approached by the head of Deer Management for Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to provide a cost effective custom solution for a working rifle that was robust and practical enough to be used by NRW Rangers daily. The requirement originated from a need to replace an ageing fleet of rifles but also integrate existing optics and thermal imaging equipment.

We first looked at the base Rifle the project would use as its foundation. The new Tikka T3X Compact Tactical Rifle (CTR) was an out of the box solution that offered a compact length,10 round capacity and tactical bolt handle on an already proven design. The stock was exchanged for PSE Composite E-TAC stock with adjustable cheek piece. Next challenge was to select a suitable in line mount for a BAE thermal imaging device, we looked no further than Tier-One and their MUNS mount due to its compact and lightweight design. The stock was expertly machined by Chris Watts of Lucas & Watts Gunsmiths to accept the in-line mount. With all the components in place we then coated the rifle with Cerakote Mil Spec OD Green.

The overall package was light, compact and well balanced. The customer was pleased and having all of the project run by TAC Coatings meant that a single point of contact was established and a hassle free experienced was delivered.